Type 5 integrated indicator for Ethylene-Oxide (EO)


Integrated indicator is designed to react to all critical parameters during the sterilization cycle. This indicator is also known as pseudobiological indicator which means that their parameters are the same as biological indicators.

Sterintech™ EO indikaator muudab värvi, kui sterilisatsiooni temperatuur, selle hoidmise aeg ja etüleenoksiidi kontsentratsioon on olnud piisavad.

Indicator is calibrated to react to 600 mg/l EO concentration at 56°C.

Indicator can detect following problems:

  • Sterilization temperature too low
  • Sterilization temperature too high
  • Sterilization holding time too short
  • Too low concentration of Ethylene-Oxide
  • Insufficient Ethylene-Oxide penetration in loads (at the spot where the indicator is placed)

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