Batch Control Helix Test (BCHT) for plasma (VH2O2)


Helix based tests are recommended to use in every cycle of the plasma sterilizer.

Indicator reaches the end-color when reacting to standard amount of VH2O2.

Failures which are picked-up by the BCHT are:

  • Sterilization temperature too low
  • Sterilization holding time too short
  • Sterilization plasma concentration too low
  • Insufficient vacuum in depth
  • Insufficient air removal from hollow devices
  • Insufficient sterilant penetration in hollow devices
  • Leakage of piping/valves/door seals

The BCHT consists out of the following items:

1 piece of Helix device (Teflon with 25cm long tube) for 100 cycles, 100 pieces of Chemical indicator strips with adhesive on the back, 1 piece of Direction For Use (DFU) with color change images.

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BCHT VH2O2 100 indicators