Where ever the risk exists of sharp objects/instruments to damage sterile barrier the use of Instrument-Fix is advised. It is specially designed to hold sharp instruments like scissors, needles, pincers etc. Instrument-Fix has a triple function:

  • Fixates sharp edged instruments and scissors, protects the sterile barrier (pouch) from the sharp edge to puncture the film or paper. In doing so it helps maintain the sterile integrity of Medical Devices.
  • Protects the sharp edges of instruments from being damaged during processing.
  • The Instrument-Fix medium is especially designed to hold and fixate scissors in an opened position in order the sterilant to reach the sharp surfaces easily.

Designed for Steam, Formaldehyde and Ethylene-Oxide sterilization. They are not suitable for plasma sterilization purposes. Steam cycle parameter may range from 121°C 15min to 134°C maximum of 18 minutes.

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Instrument-Fix Small 80 x 140mm 100pcs, Instrument-Fix Medium 89 x 165mm 100pcs, Intrument-Fix Large 100x 198mm 100pcs, Instrument-Fix X-large 125 x 256mm 100pcs